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Restarting Bonesland

Hello everyone, my name is Ande (or fushiforever) and I am going to be your mod here at bonesland starting now. I hope that I can run this community smoothly and make it fun for everyone. :)

First order of business though is to see who's still here and interested in participating in this community as well as gathering new members, so I would like everyone interested to head on over to here to re-apply to the comm. Sorry if this causes any problems with people, I just want to give everyone a chance to start over again.

If you would like to leave this comm at this point, please comment to this post or PM me.
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icons and sigtags

So since we are on hiatus I thought I would make some team brennan icons and sig tags for anyone to use when we come back from hiatus and start participating in challenges again! :)  (mods please let me know if this isn't allowed, I didn't see anything in the rules about it)


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